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Brigi Csurgó

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August 26, 2021

This story is part of a series about rethinking a well-known local beer-mix brand, Borsodi Friss. Read more about the task, the creative concept and the design.

Flavored beers on the rise – about the category

The beer-mix or Radler category is one of the most exciting categories within the beer market. International data show that the category is on the rise, driven by the non-alcoholic versions and innovations. This is a direct result of the wellbeing and indulgence trends within the millennial generation – the primary audience of this category. The beer-mix product range is quite diverse across the globe. The category once dominated by citrusy flavors and clear liquids now offers exotic flavours, floral or botanical additions. Recently, nutritional ingredients and mood regulators, and even fusions with spirits and cocktails have been added to the mix.

The Hungarian flavoured beer market is dynamically growing as well. The popularity of the non-alcoholic versions has led to new marketing and portfolio strategies. In many cases, beer-mixes are shifting towards the carbonated soft drink category. Some going so far as to omit their brand name – which in a certain case later had to be reinstated.

Borsodi Friss brand audit

Responding to the exciting growth opportunities within the category, our client Molson Coors Hungary assigned Mito to develop the brand strategy for Borsodi Friss, which is a sub-brand of Hungary’s leading mainstream beer brand, Borsodi. 

Our task was to support the business goal of carving out a larger share of the expanding market by rethinking the well-known Borsodi Friss brand, and to develop its brand and communication strategy. 

As a first step, we always dig deep to clearly understand our starting point. Here we made a comprehensive brand audit, gathering and analyzing information from the market, product and consumer aspects. 

By the end of our audit, we identified 4 key jobs to be done:

  • Attract new, younger consumer segments
  • Develop new package design 
  • Launch new liquids/innovations
  • Create a consistent communication platform based on the new brand strategy 

Disrupt or not to disrupt?

Disrupting the category conventions can be low-hanging fruit when defining the growth strategy, especially in a category full of clichés. We concluded that it is not the role of Borsodi Friss to shake up the market entirely. Instead, we decided to be differentiating in our communication and navigate away from the strongly functional benefit-driven approach  towards a more emotional one. (Almost every competitor focused on the ingredients and the rational benefit of the refreshment.)

Portfolio strategy

Friss is a sub-brand of the Borsodi mother brand which is Hungary’s leading beer brand with  strong brand equity. Reviewing the audit results it was clear that both the Borsodi and the Borsodi Friss brands benefit from the current brand architecture. The Borsodi name immediately links Friss to the beer category, ensures high brand awareness and also provides credibility and trust. From the master brand perspective, Friss has an energizing role in the life of the core Borsodi brand with its fresh, innovative character. One aspect we needed to handle was that Borsodi is perceived as a rather masculine brand. In order to be able to be more attractive to women, we proposed strengthening the visibility of the Friss name and decreasing the proportion of the Borsodi logo on the packaging to make Friss more dominant.

What can we offer to our target audience? 

At this stage of the strategy development, we defined the most relevant consumption moment in the context of the competition, the consumers and the entire Molson Coors product portfolio. Then we gathered and prioritized the product attributes, the rational and the emotional benefits of the Friss brand.

Who is our new consumer segment? 

Basically millennials, the much-debated, most frequently analyzed and most-targeted generation.

A large and diverse group with some common general attitude traits, which are already over-used and abused by so many brands.

Finding an exciting insight

Now can we transcend beyond the generic millennial traits? 

What are the most relevant tensions in their lives our brand can ease?

One of the most exciting parts of strategic planning is discovering the consumer insights, exploring human truths and tensions our brand can shed new light on. 

Insight and purpose territories

Turning the millennial paradox into a relevant consumer insight and defining the brand purpose

While exploring tons of millennial research, an interesting phenomenon grabbed our attention. The millennial world is one of numerous paradoxes. And one in particular seemed interesting to us.

Though their life seems to be overwhelmed with information, millennials are the most curious generation, and actively seek joyous exploration and positive inspiration.

This insight served as a solid basis for the brand purpose:

Borsodi Friss inspires people to see the world in color and stimulates them to explore the colorful side of life.

This story is part of a series about rethinking a well-known local beer-mix brand, Borsodi Friss. Read more about the task, the creative concept and the design:

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