What does the Agency of the Year title mean for us?


Gergely Marosi

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August 5, 2021

It means happiness, a short pause, one epic hangover and of course a little boost (like the mushroom in Mario Kart) that helps us move forward with even more momentum in the upcoming months. When it comes to receiving awards, we believe it’s best to keep things in perspective. We should appreciate them and be proud of them, because in this industry, we have to value all the moments that give us a chance to stop for a moment and reflect, take a look back, and rejoice in the journey we have taken together.

However, we shouldn’t overvalue these awards. Of course, we are always grateful to receive them, but they are not what we’re working for.

We’re working so that we can solve our clients’ real problems, both in business and communication, or to make an impact on Hungarian society with our work.

And if we’re fortunate, it’s ‘and’ instead of ‘or’.

In this “double year”, we were named Agency of the Year at the Arany Penge (The Golden Blade) awards, the most prestigious competition in Hungary. This was a first in the history of Mito. Of course, this is a huge success, but for us, it’s an even bigger deal that we were among the top 3 four times in the past five years. And if we had to choose between winning the title again once in the next three years or being among the “medalists” every year, we would choose the latter without hesitation, because an ongoing and well-balanced performance is more important than an outstanding campaign or year.

This philosophy is probably apparent from this year’s results too: we got our 14 awards for 8 different campaigns created for three different clients.

And which campaigns were these? Well, let’s see!

The legendary 6:3, as you’ve never seen it before – Magyar Telekom


There is something that all Hungarians are proud of to this day. This is the England-Hungary 3:6 match, that is, the legendary 6:3. The match of the century that everyone knows about, that everyone refers to and mentions all the time, but practically no one has seen.

This is why we decided, together with Telekom, to bring the 6:3 game to Hungarians in a format more fit for the 21st century, creating a true digital marvel: remastered in immaculate resolution, with all the goals colorized.

Standing up for women – Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola is an active and opinion-leading brand in social issues, so it couldn’t stay silent when Norbi managed to body-shame women all around the country by saying something wildly inappropriate. The reaction not only made a huge splash in the Hungarian social space, but also reached the world press.

FUZEUM – Fuzetea


To live life or to break away from everyday life? To wander the streets or to go inside somewhere to recharge? To experience something new and fresh or to immerse yourself in the old classics?
You no longer have to choose. In FUZEUM – just like in the new flavors of FUZETEA – all these can be found in the same place.

Magenta Vibe – Magyar Telekom


Always playing it safe, fearing the unknown, never daring to leave our comfort zone. Yet it’s outside of it where true experiences await us. That’s why the summer and festivals of 2019 were about surprises for us.

Telekom Electronic Beats – Campaign beyond Körút – Magyar Telekom


The repositioning of Telekom Electronic Beats, not just as a key player in the domestic electronic music scene, but also as a compass for the cultural life of Budapest. Beyond the Budapest underground subculture that is already familiar with Telekom Electronic Beats, our target group was the mainstream youth segment, which helped further build the Telekom brand among the younger target groups.

Borsodi contextual walls (netting for buildings) – Borsodi


Our aim with this OOH campaign was to build the Borsodi Moments platform further, deepening the connection between the brand and everyday little joys. What better way to show an entire city that Borsodi Moments are everywhere than to draw the attention of the residents of a whole apartment block to their own Borsodi situations.

Borsodi Szituk 2021 movies – Borsodi


The Borsodi Szitu platform has entered its third year, which means we’ve created a new integrated campaign about these little everyday pleasures for Borsodi. We didn’t fix anything that was still working, rather, we rearranged the emphases, shifted the focus a bit, and recorded two new Moments movies right away.
In terms of target group, we concentrated on the younger (18-39) generation, and our goal was to show them situations relevant to them and to get them to try the product. Of course, while making sure not to alienate any Borsodi consumers from the brand.

Borsodi Couch Quiz – Borsodi


During the Covid period, everyone was sitting at home, far away from their friends and family. Our social life has basically ceased to exist from one day to another. Our options for having fun have decreased drastically: no pubs, no concerts, no events. Even in this situation, we wanted to show how committed Borsodi is about putting smiles on people’s faces and trying to help as a brand. So we set the goal for ourselves to bring the atmosphere and vibe of bars to everyone’s home during the nationwide lockdown.

And if these case studies were not enough and you want to learn more about our best works, come along and we’ll show you some more, or you can read more in depth about these ones!

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Emese Bódi

Mesi is searching for minds and souls, loves a good CV and to chat with new people. Go ahead and find out!

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