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Gergely Marosi

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June 22, 2021

This June MAKSZ held the first Zsenge Penge contest, organised by KRU. Zsenge Penge is a contest that aims to highlight young talents in the industry: university students, freelancers and juniors can compete to show off their best skills solving a real-life client brief. The concept of the contest was that the briefs were built on each other. So a client brief was provided at the start, based on which the contestants of the strategy category – which, by the way, was featured for the first time in the history of the contests – prepared the strategy and the creative brief. Then on the second day, copy category contestants named the product and wrote a slogan for it. On the third day, the product design was created based on the winning name. And finally, on the fourth and fifth days, campaign materials were prepared for the cyber, film and PR categories. 

Ne a hús égjen / Csík Hargitta, Gelencsér Milán
Tükör / Kisfali Gergely, Mezey Anita

The guys and girls from Mito killed it at the contest: someone finished in the top three every day. In the Copy category, all three podium finishes went to Mito’s contestants, and in the end, they finished the week with two category victories (copy and film). Huge congrats to all the participants! 

Borsodi Belevaló / Martin Marcell
Borsodi Húsfelelős grillpác / Gelencsér Milán

Of course, we are very happy about the results, but the most important thing is that there were 11 of us who decided to take part in the contest.

A contest like this is a fantastic opportunity to break away from our usual projects, to show what we’re capable of, to prove ourselves in front of the top experts in the country. And our job is to support opportunities like this as much as possible.

Borsodi Húsfelelős csomagolásterv / Csík Hargitta

Naturally, the contestants didn’t need to take the day off to compete, and we even offered to cover the cost of accommodation in case someone won first place and the D&AD pass and airplane ticket that went with it. In addition to this, we also announced an internal contest, with the promise that even without winning, the best-performing Mito contestant would get the full victory package plus the accommodation, covered from our learning and development budget. So as a result, three of our young colleagues at Mito will get to visit the legendary D&AD Awards in London. Check back later on our blog to read about their experiences!

Borsodi Parázs / Kanics Krisztina
Borsodi grillpác termékbevezetés / Gaál Gerda

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Emese Bódi

Mesi is searching for minds and souls, loves a good CV and to chat with new people. Go ahead and find out!

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