Meet a smooth and playful booking flow we designed and developed for the new Icelandic startup airline PLAY


Richárd Deák

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January 24, 2022

We are on cloud nine to share with you that the revamped Internet Booking Engine (IBE) was launched in December 2021.

Icelandic low-cost carrier PLAY recently took off from the “land of fire and ice”, starting to operate with transatlantic flights to the US by Q2 this year. Since their previous booking engine had been a bottleneck not serving their goals anymore, they needed a new one that is custom-made, easy to use – and surely, easy to rely on. As a major first milestone in their ongoing digital progress, that’s when we boarded their plane to help them get off to a flying start.

At Mito Digital, we have a dedicated group of aviation experts and a decade of industry experience. We deliver business-critical apps, platforms and other smart digital solutions for our clients around the world, with one of the most prosperous European ultra-low-cost carriers (ULCC), Wizz Air among them since 2011.

For PLAY airlines, we designed and developed a custom booking flow, well worthy of the brand name and image. With its playful elements and human-centered solutions it surely stands out from the booking journeys people are usually accustomed to, also making users feel more at ease during this sometimes stressful procedure.

Because, well, cute user avatars based on gender, even non-binary? Yes, please. A great focus on great UX and accessibility? Definitely. (More details on the project coming soon – stay tuned!)

Although having a tight hard deadline had been a challenge, we managed to deliver on time: in December 2021, the new booking flow was launched with flying colors.

Working with PLAY, a true lean enterprise, has been a breath of fresh air: quick, smooth, professional, with a common understanding from day one. A match made in heaven (well, at least in the sky), nevertheless that circa 3,000 km between us. We surely are honored to have been chosen as their digital frontend vendor to engineer such a business-critical platform.

Thank you, PLAY, for having us among your cabin crew – and after the successful takeoff, we can’t wait to keep flying together!

Go land on that page and enjoy the journey – either from your sofa or up above.

Mito Digital is a business unit of Mito, a unique powerhouse of creative & digital experts with a passion for clever things. We have been working with our clients around the globe for more than ten years, in numerous industries from aviation through lottery and retail to telecommunications. Our goal is to design and deliver human-centered and best-in-class digital solutions that meet and exceed the business goals of our clients as well as the demands of their clients.

Interested in more aviation?

Leaning on our domain knowledge, in an upcoming series of blog articles we will be delving into the art of flight booking flows from A to Z, from happy users to increased revenue potential. Join us on this exciting journey!

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Business Unit Director, Aviation

Richard – or rather Richie – is a true aviation professional. Being responsible for airline clients, he has been leading Mito Digital's respective business unit since 2015. Thanks to his over 15 years’ industry experience, he knows it all about leading teams and building top-notch interfaces that millions of customers use around the globe. Also, he is president of the Hungarian Ducati Owners Club.

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Emese Bódi

Mesi is searching for minds and souls, loves a good CV and to chat with new people. Go ahead and find out!

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