Vanity kills Digital growth


Máté Takács

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November 24, 2021

The changes of the past 18 months have come fast, and their impact has yet to be fully utilized.

We learnt last year that one thing sets apart the winners from the losers.

Before winners set about developing a campaign or website, or introducing a new tool, they systematically think through what well-defined steps they need to take at a time to identify meaningful elements of growth.

Sounds easy. Why don’t you employ this method then?

We often find that the obstacle is the belief that any kind of detectable growth will lead to business success eventually.

These beliefs always lead to a vanity metric, which results in undue effort being put into continuously tweaking the campaign targetings, developing classy creatives or introducing more and more tools.

Vanity distracts you from building a comprehensive, sustainable and successful digital ecosystem.

Core areas of challenge


Siloed consumer informations limit the understanding of consumer journey.

Analytical tools and data connections need to become an integral part of the marketing ecosystem.


Lack of media and messaging cohesion results in off-target messaging.

Use personalization technology at scale to tailor relevant interactions, messages or offers to individuals based on their actual behavior.


Unclear efficiency evaluation of tools and channels cause you to miss the big picture.

Use statistical methods to attribute revenue and prove marketing ROI, demonstrating how activations drive business results and media outcomes.

To accelerate development

  • Harmonize marketing efforts: they must form an ecosystem and blend siloed disciplines into one unit.
  • Establish an extensive and objective evaluation system of implemented marketing solutions.
  • Implement a clear structure and integrate consistency to identify tangible and feasible projects.

From evaluation to projects

  1. Digital Marketing Maturity Audit

    As a first step, it is necessary for the key members of the marketing team to get a complete overview of the impact and connections of the wide range of marketing activities along the customer journey.

  2. Current status and steps of development

    We make sure that the level of maturity of the explored marketing areas is accepted by all the parties. Then with the help of expert teams and based on industry best practices, we identify the obvious improvements required for the next stage.

  3. Project and roadmap

    After examining the logical sequence, the resource requirements and the expected business impact of the projects, we determine their implementation roadmap and priorities for the following period.

The first major step towards meaningful growth

We have been advocating this approach to our performance clients for 10+ years, helping them not only increase their sales, but also their efficiency by reducing the number of developments and campaigns with uncertain outcomes.

Mito helps precisely determine the digital marketing maturity level of a business and identify the necessary improvements, as well as facilitate their implementation.

Before planning your next campaign, allocating an SEO budget or introducing an analytics tool, it is worth getting an objective opinion to be able to make the right decisions. We are always open to consultation and welcome inquiries at

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Emese Bódi

Mesi is searching for minds and souls, loves a good CV and to chat with new people. Go ahead and find out!

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